Welcome to the Jordan Air Ambulance Center (JAAC) website and I hope that you find it useful. JAAC is a newly established governmental Center created by direction from His Majesty King Abdullah II to complement the cycle of life saving services in Jordan. The center’s mission is to serve Jordanians and residents in Jordan by providing medical evacuation of the critically injured and ill from peripheral and remote hospitals to centers of excellence in Amman where more advanced medical service can be obtained.

As a novel and unprecedented Center in Jordan, we strive to make ourselves known to the people in Jordan through our life-saving work and by reaching out to various segments of society in Jordan.  To date, the Center has completed many lifesaving missions from areas across Jordan including Aqaba, Ghor Al-Safi, Theeban, and others for cases with severe injuries and medical conditions.

As with similar centers in the world, the biggest challenge in providing medical evacuation is the high cost of maintaining the helicopters and the high cost of offering medical evacuation service. Therefore, and since its establishment, the Center has aimed to make its services known and accessible to Jordanians through a series of activities and partnerships including:

Partnering with health and vehicle insurance companies who can provide the coverage as a top up to health and insurance policies for a very small and nominal annual premium.

Partnering with the Ministry of health and the Jordan armed forces to entitle their insured base to benefit from the services of the Center.

Partnering with large companies who will cover their employees and sponsor medical evacuation trips of humanitarian cases where the ill or injured cannot afford to pay the price of the trip and is uninsured.

The available partnerships are available on our website and social media channels. We encourage companies and individuals to review them and to subscribe to the Center and ensure themselves as this will help sustain the Center and empower us to continue to offer this vital service.

The Jordan Air Ambulance Center has a community outreach policy and we welcome delegations from schools and universities, community centers, and companies interested to visit the Center. We feel this will make the presence of the Center more known to the community.

Working at JAAC is about being part of a team of professionals who take pride in being saving lives. Last but not we least, we owe a debt of gratitude to our main supporters without who we would not be able to deliver our work and they are the Royal Jordanian Air Force, the Jordanian Royal Medical Services, and the Civil Defense.

Captain Ahmad Wattar

Chief Executive Officer