Telephone numbers

The service can be requested by dialing either

  • The Centre's Helpline: +962-6-479 2000    or
  • Mobile Operations Telephone Number: +962-799 780 162    or
  • 911 or asking for the Air Ambulance Center or


The following guidelines apply

  • Always call 911 first in case of emergency. JAAC does not pick patients from road traffic accidents
  • The Jordan Air Ambulance Center does not act as a first line of response and requests for the the service must come from the doctor treating the patient, the hospital, or the civil defense.
  • Upon receiving the call from the treating doctor, medics from the Jordan Air Ambulance Center will discuss the patient’s situation with the treating doctor and assess the need and safety of air transportation.
  • It is the responsibility of the patient and his care takers to ensure the availability of a bed in the receiving hospital and to address the cost of treatment is guaranteed.
  • The Jordan Air Ambulance is a transportation service and is not responsible for paying for any treatment at the first or the receiving hospitals.