Operating from Amman Civil Airport at Marka, JAAC’s AW139 helicopters can travel 420 nautical miles (750 KMs), enabling them to conduct rescue operations within Jordan and nearby areas in neighbouring countries. The Air Ambulance service is authorised to land at all landing points in Jordan, spread over more than 45 locations in the country. JAAC’s fleet can be up in the air within 15 minutes from notification. Future plans exist for increasing the fleet and to spread the base including a permanent presence at King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba and other locations, thereby improving the Centre’s emergency response time. The Jordan Air Ambulance Center can pick patients up from any of the following helipads in the country.


Receiving locations in Amman

  1. King Hussein Medical City - Amman

  2. Queen Alia Hospital – Amman

  3. Jordan Hospital – Private Hospital in Amman

  4. Specialty Hospital – Private Hospital in Amman

  5. Prince Hamzah Hospital - Amman

Major pickup locations across Jordan

  1. Tutanji Hospital – Sahhab, Amman

  2. Theban Military Medical Center - Madaba

  3. Prince Rashed Bin Hasan Hospital - Irbid

  4. King Abdullah I University Hospital - Irbid

  5. Princess Raya Hospital – Deir Abi Saeed

  6. Princess Haya Bint Hussein - Ajloun

  7. Al Iman Governmental Hospital - Ajloun

  8. The Athar (Ruins) square – Jerash

  9. Mafraq Governmental Hospital - Mafraq

  10. King Talal Hospital - Mafraq

  11. Prince Ali Bin Hussein Hospital - Karak

  12. Karak Governmental Hospital – Karak

  13. Prince Zeid Bin Hussein Hospital - Tafilah

  14. Queen Rania Hospital - Petra

  15. Maan Hospital - Maan

  16. Al Hussein University Helipad - Maan

  17. King Hussein Airport - Aqaba

  18. Prince Hashem Hospital - Aqaba

  19. Naval Command Station at Al Durra – South of Aqaba

  20. Swaga Civil Defense Point – Swaga

  21. Sultani Civil Defense Point – Al Sultani

  22. Qasr Touba Civil defense – Easter Jordan

  23. Ruweished Hospital – Ruweished – Eastern Jordan

  24. Al Ashgaf Civil Defense Center – Ashgaf

  25. Karamah Cross Point – Border with Iraq

  26. Muath Bin Jabal Hospital – Nothern Ghor

  27. Abu Obaida Hospital – Central Ghor

  28. South Shuna Hospital – South Shuna

  29. Muhammadiah Civil Defense point

  30. Southern Military Command point

  31. Potash Civil Defense Center

  32. Beir Mazkour Civil Defense point

  33. Garandal Civil Defense point

  34. Batn Al-Ghoul Civil Defense point

  35. Al Shidieh Civil Defence point

  36. A Mudawarra border point

  37. Al Omari border point



For information about prices, please contact the Center at 962-6-479 2010